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Be More than Your Product

If there is one piece of advice I have to anyone who truly wants to build a magnetic, strong brand that will stand the test of time, it is this: be more.

Be more than the product you sell.

Be more than the service you offer.

Be more than the thing that actually makes you money.

If you authentically can focus your organization on standing for something more than the mere goal of increasing quarterly revenue—then you have the “makings” for developing a really impactful brand that people will seek out.

A perfect example is the latest brilliant communication from REI.

Watch this timely spot….

They have the courage to stand for something beyond the apparel or the equipment they sell. And, to prove it, they are actually taking a stand that will cost the company money (in the short run…in the long run, my bet is that this move will generate even more brand loyalists for REI and thus, more money).

REI is about experiencing the outdoors. And they mean it, and stand behind it. Helping more people experience the great outdoors is REI’s core reason for being.

And, importantly, they are not “preachy” about this stance. In fact, they even have some fun with it and add humor.

It’s all about your true genuine purpose in why you do what you do. That’s where you find the great brand.

As Fast Company’s Robert Safian reflected in his article on great contemporary brands like Chipotle , Apple and Google: “The more [these great brands] focus on something beyond money, the more money they make.” A paradox – yes, but so true.

At Big River, finding intriguing ways for the public to feel this “genuineness and authenticity” is what our business is all about now.

But it has to start with an authentic company and a genuine purpose. Have the courage to stand for something more.

Love it REI, Love it.


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