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Lumber Liquidators 

Bellawood. Bella story.



Lumber Liquidators Insight

For more than 20 years, Lumber Liquidators has been beloved by contractors and do-it-yourselfers for their “liquidation” look and feel. But in the face of increasing competition, Lumber Liquidators needed a new voice attractive to consumers raised on Target and Trader Joe’s. From print to media to retail, we’re helping Lumber Liquidators refresh their brand image by presenting a more comfortable, “casual” brand persona set to prove the less you yell, the more you sell. 

We're proud that our Bellawood TV commercial was recognized as "The Spot" by AdWeek (10/2014): How a Company Known for Retail Ads Suddenly Made a Gorgeous Spot for Hardwood Floors: Lumber Liquidators Gets Romantic.


Isn't that Worth the Trip?

Based on the fact-backed insight that, on average, driving just a few extra minutes past the Big Box stores to Lumber Liquidators saves consumers $700 on new flooring, we launched the "Isn't that Worth the Trip?" brand campaign. A series of four spots bring each of Lumber Liquidators brand pillars—value, quality, style & selection, and expertise—to life.

Floors Know

Your floors know a lot about you. Thankfully, Lumber Liquidators knows a lot about floors. Crafted to appeal to casual consumers and dedicated DIY'ers alike, we're helping Lumber Liquidator expand its brand message and audience while retaining their core value—delivering incredible hardwood and specialty flooring for incredible savings.

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