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the journey to success

begins with one question:

who are you 


Big River Strategic Advisors assists leaders of law, investment and professional service firms in their strategic planning efforts by uncovering where these venerable firms honestly stand in the minds of their clients, their associates, and their industry partners. 

We discover how and where your firm's authenticity truly stands through a tailored program of one-on-one interviews strategically designed to reveal the “unvarnished truth” from the very people who know your firm best — your clients.

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H. Frederick T. Moore

Founder, Big River

President, Big River Strategic Advisors

listen more. succeed more. yes, it's that simple.


Born of our founding belief that "people believe people" and proven through decades of experience in organizational brand alignment, our insights + implications process uncovers the deeply human and highly strategic insights that reveal your Authentic Essence. The results of our findings serve as a critical foundation and powerful tool for validating and ensuring:

competitive differentiation

increased loyalty

culture reinforcement

From premiere legal practices to financial and capital investment and institutions, Big River Strategic Advisors specializes in professional services firms and organizations. We go direct to the source, tapping the hearts and minds of those who know you best to reveal strategic insights that define real goals, deliver real solutions, and drive real success.

Client Briefs

real clients.

authentic cultures. 

"Big River Strategic Advisors' tailored, personal approach delivered honest and enlightening perspectives that let us know exactly how our clients really felt. They clarified both our strength and our soft spots, and we are now more focused than ever on those great things we do for clients."


Former Managing Director

Hunton & Williams 

Freds photo_STRIP.png

Experience has taught me and the leaders I work with:

If you listen to your clients closely and candidly, they will show you the way forward. 

credible people building
incredible brands
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